About Us

Our Proud History

Gracetech Textiles Australia emerged from the company TB Kawashima Australia (TBK). The Gracetech mattress fabric business started with TBK over seven years ago and the company has quickly become a strong competitor within the market.

Manufacturing, supply chain and customer service disciplines gained from the auto industry as well as a unique design flair helps to set Gracetech Textiles and our products apart from our competitors.

Innovation and product value are the core elements for Gracetech’s success. With the support of an International product range combined with some local production, Gracetech’s broad and varied product range at competitive prices, excellent quality and utmost reliability are core strengths of the company.

​Gracetech has a dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced team based in Melbourne. With local technical and design know how, as well as the support from a strong and talented technical and international design team, Gracetech Textiles Australia offers great value as a business partner.

​Our Point of Difference

Shortened lead times and fast delivery

Our Delivery Commitment

Delivers nationwide with TNT Express.

Melbourne & Adelaide - Next day delivery
Sydney - 2 days delivery
Hobart - 2-4 days delivery
Brisbane - 3 days delivery
Perth - 3-4 days delivery